New Life Christian Outreach Celebrates 30 Years Of Ministry

Pastor John Pringle and his wife June founded New Life Christian Outreach in 1987 when they received clear direction from the Lord to do so. Close friends, Jim and Anabel Andres helped John and June start the church. They were told the church was to be an outreach to the people in the area, and throughout the last 30 years, they have done this in many ways.


Prior to this, John and June discipled with the Rev. Phillip Zampino for 3 years after their son Mark received 2 miraculous healings under his ministry and helped the Zampinos establish a ministry center in Libertytown, MD.


John also worked with Sid Roth’s ministry, Messianic Vision, and became a member of his board for many years. John was ordained by Sid as Pastor of New Life, and the church continues to maintain a relationship and support for Sid’s ministry.


For many years Pastor John and June and members of the church operated the Victorious Overcomers Program as an outreach. This was a Christian deliverance program to help people with addictions and compulsions of all kinds. This program was in operation for four years, and scores of people came to know Jesus and be set free. They also reached out to the community by hosting a free Wednesday evening chicken dinner for anyone who wanted to attend. This not only provided great fellowship, but allowed the church to spread the Gospel message.


The church then reached out to people in need in the Annapolis area by acquiring a bus and picking up people on Sunday mornings and taking them to a breakfast at the church, ministering to them, and taking them home after services.


New Life has been working together for the past three years with Hispanic Church Of God Pastors to hold Spanish speaking services on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as special services to reach out to the local Hispanic community.


Recently, the church has begun broadcasting Sunday services on the internet, and is developing its own website to archive videos of the services, as well as testimonies and other information to help people to come to and grow in Christ. The website will have links to other websites such as Sid Roth’s Messianic Vision and other Christian resources.


The mission of New Life is twofold; to reach out to people in the area, and to teach the uncompromising Word of God in a practical, easy way. God’s Word is the true guide on how to live a successful, joyful life. The spiritual gifts of God are taught, explained and encouraged, as Jesus told his disciples then and his disciples today, “receive the Holy Spirit,” …our teacher, comforter, revealer, healer and God’s source of power to accomplish what Jesus told the believers to do.


News Events

Special Bible Study - Jim Andres teaching on the New Testiment - Tuesday evenings at 7pm
Sunday morning intercessory prayer at 9 a.m.
Sunday morning worship starts at 10 a.m. - Pastor John Pringle
Bible Study Tuesday evenings at 7p.m. - Jim Andres is going through the Bible providing great insight and revelation  
Soaking Prayer Wednesday at 7:00pm 

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